Gatehouse Gazette Issue #10

On the last day of 2009, the 10th issue of the famed and fabled Gatehouse Gazette is released. A literary firework it is, very fitting for this day.

Sporting an almost Cthulhu-esque, and therefor quite pleasing to my eyes, cover image, this issue is focused on aviation. It features concise biographies of aviation heros Howard Hughes and Amelie Earhart, and quite an exquisite collection of a number of other rather stempunkesque and dieselpunkesque stories concerning aviation.

It does not end there, far from it! You will also find:

– A review of The Bookman which you have probably seen before somewhere…

– A review of the Larklight Triology (well done, Ms Kitten!)

– The by now indespensable collumns The Steampunk Wardrobe and The Liquor Cabinet

And I should be damned if I do not mention this one:

An interview with Kaleena Kiff is also included. Go Riese The Series!

So, put on your goggles, donn your scarf and read the Aviation Issue of the Gatehouse Gazette!

Gatehouse Gazette 10

The most excellent cover is by Myke Amend, he has sat in my sidebar for quite a while already.