The Big Project – First Sneak & Peek

The novelization is far from finished but here is a first tiny glimps at what it looks like right now. It is yet unedited and subject to change. The following scene happens about a week into the first expedition of LZ-X1 Württemberg, somewhere over Cappadocia (Ottoman Empire). The Tesla array for catching lightning as a back-up source of energy has just been tested in a thunderstorm:

Suddenly, everybody on board felt their stomachs lurch. Von Kober and Gruson, who were the only ones not sitting down, had to grab hold of something not to get swept of their feet. Turbulences were another danger when flying through thunderstorms and one they had forgotten over their eagerness to test the array.
They stumbled to their seats and strapped themselves in.
Behind von Kober, Richnow and Gruson collected reports from the other sections of the zeppelin. so far, noone had been hurt and nothing had been damaged, but Dustermann had not reported back to the boiler room yet.
Without warning the Württemberg again lost hight in another downburst. Von Kober’s innards knotted up. “Richnow, report altitude.”
“Approximately 120 meters over ground, Captain. I recommend immediate steep climb.”
“Yes, steep climb, full throttle.” and with that, he pulled the master-tube which connected to every single room and chamber of the craft.
“Attention all stations, we are going for an extremely steep climb beyond the cloud level. Temperatures are likely to drop below freezing and breather-masks will be necessary, everyone, get ready. Boiler room, send someone to find Dustermann and report.”

So, that’s all for now. I will keep posting updates in the future, of course.