Two events celebrated today

Today is again one of those days when we commemorate two events which happend today in bygone years. The first of these events is one which really fits into the Steampunk genre:

London Metropolitan Railway: First Day of Service in 1863

The London Metropolitan Railway started operating between Paddington (side note: I spent quite some time in the general area around Paddington during my stays in London, mainly in B&Bs) and Farringdon Street. The line is still operational and is thus, how else could it be, the oldest part of today’s London Underground Network.

Underground Steam Locomotive


The second event falls into the late Pulp and Dieselpunk aera:


1946: First United Nations General Assembly Meeting

If you have no clue what I am talking about, please leave this blog…I am not going to explain what the United Nations are. The Name alone should tell you enough… I do not even dare to imagine there are people with internet access who have never heard of the United Nations. (I put a link behind the image, just in case)

United Nations