The pains of shopping for gear

Modern department stores seldom contain items a steampunk could use, not at reasonable prices anyway. Yesterday I thought I pop into town and check out what Kaufhof (a chain of department stores here in Germany) and Hirmer had on offer. Karstadt had absolutely nothing I could use or at least nothing that would fit my style, I was looking for smart, dark blue trousers, as I want to assemble a zeppelin’s captain uniform.

So, I went on to visit Hirmer, the leading supplier of good-quality men’s fashion in Munich. I encountered two obstacles: The stuff I would have considered suitable (good quality, good looking, machine washable, durable) was in the range of 80€ or more (around 110$) and the stuff they had on sale (up to 50% off) was simply not my size… Oh well… I guess I shall have to check out Oxfam and similar shops and hunt for something suitable there.

On the plus side: I got myself a more powerful soldering iron and can now procede to create a R’lyeh Squadron tie-clip. All the individual parts are assembled, all I need to do now is to solder them together.