Beauty and Steampunk -Tribal Belly Dance

The headline is actually a bit missleading. It could be interpreted to imply that Steampunk is in itself not connected to beauty. As we know, this is not tru. Steampunk has very refined æthetics, from fashion, to design to manners, everything revolves around and develops along inherent values of æthetics and beauty.

Tribal belly dance is just another aspect but one, I consider especially noteworthy, because it started from an entirely different direction and somehow managed to find its way into steampunk.

Former Abney Park members Magdalene Veen and Finn von Claret amongst others have performed belly dance on stage during concerts, you can find performances on almost every con and some troupes are customers of Steampunk Couture by Kato:

Steam Punk Belly Dance


Tribal Belly dance is one more beautiful aspect of our subculture that also comes in avariety of shades. I leave you with a video of a performance by the mesmerizing Rachel Brice. Please also note the outfit of the band: