On this Day in 1879 – Go home Empire!

The Battle of Isandlwana

Today is one of those days when I look back at history and wonder: Why did something like this not happen more often? Why did not more native populations resist effectively and on a massive scale? Why were Europeans allowed to spread their culture and toxic memes all over the world?

Anyways: Today we commemorate the great victory of King Cetshwayo’s Zulus over the British under Lord Chelmsford at the Battle of Insandlwana. Both were the overall commanders and not actually present at the battle.


The victory was, alas, shortlived and the British actually managed to subdue the Zulu. Too bad. There should have been more victories against colonialists like this… Eventually, there would be moreresistance, but it would need the long-term effects of the Second World War to end global dominance by the “civilized west”.

Yes, I am quite cynical about the culture of my hemisphere.