First Munich Steampunk Get Together

Today we held our first Munich Steampunk Get Together and decided it was not going to be the last. So here is the very short version of what happened:

We met in the Victorian House at 10 o’clock for a late breakfast (which, unfortunately, was less enjoyable than the last time, the waiter was a little bit out of his depth or something), we in this case is:

Glaurin Perdata

Robbie a.k.a. Captain Norad (yes, it was him!)


Horatio von Wirephil

Jason Crow

Myself (here’s my profile in the same community)

Lila (my wife)

Timo (good friend of the family)

I should also note that initially, we thought it would be four people. With some forsight I decided to order a table for six and we ended up being eight. This is, I guess, quite a success.

First topic of the day was: Tesla coils and practical applications of. Nota bene: This was OOC, we were talking about real people who really built Tesla coils and put them up in their

a) Living room

b) as above but as a Christmas Tree kind of thing

c) car

d) back yard

Oh yes, some people really take tinkering to the extreme. There are several Youtube videos around which tell the stories far better than I can. Some people really make the most out of Steampunk.

Around that time, breakfast arrived, so the conversations became slightly muffled. Topics than changed to general handycrafts from soldering to knitting and we all agreed that some skillin modifying stuff is a good thing to have. We also all agreed that most of the things you learn concerning knitting and similar things in school is basically tripe while the things you learn in metalwork (Technisches Werken, to use the proper term for the subject in school) actually can be used later in life.

Next we found out who came to Steampunk via which route. Interestingly, there were only two different ones present (both somewhat connected to internet searches): One via LARP, the other via the Goth scene. LARP is another thing, all people present had in common. So the third big topic was LARP and our various experiences with. Since Glaurin and Robbies house is equipped to house sci-fi LARPS, they had organised some, Lila has organised some LARPS and we all found each other to be quite likable persons, we also decided to repeat this event.

If we are lucky, there might also be some form of Stempunk RPG coming to Southern Germany in the summer, right now, this is just an idea, though. No reason to get overexcited yet. I will keep you posted, obviously.

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