Retro Gaming

In the late 1990’s, oh dear, that’s already over a decade ago, I was a big fan of the games Myst and Riven. I just had a look at the two games again recently and one thing just jumped at me:

There are loads of Steampunk elements found in the game. I did a little bit of reading up and I am obviously not the first person to discover this. It would have been a shame if I had been the first… I also found out Myst was partially inspired by The Mysterious Island which obviously adds to the overall steampunkness (is that a noun?).

As my final point opf joy I discovered Myst is available for my iPod Touch, so now this very steampunk game really is right in the Third Millenium.

I leave you with some images which prove the point:

The Myst airship - steampunk, almost dieselpunk

A house from Riven - Steampunk style

The steampunk gondola of Riven