Steampunk and the Supernatural

The classical Steampunk era,  i.e. when the grand old masters were still around (the lifetimes of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells etc.), also featured a lot of then-contemporary authors who wrote about supernatural occurences. Dracula and Frankenstein comes to mind. Now, what I have found so far, although most Steampuks would not deny the influence of the likes of Bram Stoker and the later pulp authors like Lovecraft on the genre, the Paranormal Investigator seems to be rather underrepresented in the scene. Most people I have met in real life or online seem to be of the Airship/Zeppelin Crew (various ranks), Airship Pirate crew, adventurer or mad scientist/tinkerer persuasion.

Has the paranormal fallen out of fashion or is this a facette so well represented in the “common goth scene” that it never really  took root in the Steampunk scene? Any oppinions on the matter?

It may also well be that I am simply hanging out with the wrong sample crowd and you get a lot of paranormally inclined Steampunk characters in other places…

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