Riese the Series Chapter Two starts tomorrow

Oh joy! Tomorrow (judged by CET standards) the next chapter of Riese the Series will be released on their website and on Youtube (and a few other platforms). For me this means that when I get up tomorrow at around six in the morning, by the time I am finished with my breakfast I will have a visual treat waiting for me on the ætherweb.

At special times it really feels especially great to be a Steampunk.

I sincerely hope that Riese continues for quite some time. Even judged by the standards of other steampunk webseries around it is by far the best and most professional.
On a more global scale I have yet to find another webseries, no matter the genre, that so much captures my attention. Granted, Riese has two elements on its side: Steampunk and Germanic mythological influence. Both things I  am very much interested in.

The only point of criticism I have is the length of the individual episodes, they could be a little longer… But OK, this is just the standard complaint of a fan, so never mind…

So, do not miss  tomorrows/tonights release of the first episode of Riese’s second chapter. I am definitely going to watch an enjoy it.