Riese The Series – Chapter Two

Right, so here it is, the first episode of chapter two of Riese!

Please watch first before you read on, I speculate further down and the speculation contains a few spoilers. So, please enjoy the episode:

Now for the speculation and the spoilers:

The episode takes place in the vicinity of a town called Vidar. Vidar is another name taken from the Edda. Vidar is a son of Odin/Woden destined to avenge his father’s death at Ragnarok and a new character by the name of Rand, apparently a military leader, mentioned the enigmatic Siegfried. For those of you not familiar with the online alternate reality game surrounding Riese, Siegfried already made an appearance there, as someone with some inside knowledge of the sect and member of the resistance.

Now the speculation: A battle is planned to happen in or around Vidar, could this be a Battle of Vengeanc? And could this battle stop Eleysia’s military expansion for a while thus triggering increased activity by the sect and Amara?

And another speculation: Could it be that Trennan harbours some feelings towards Amara and/or Riese or feels some guilt towards Riese, judging from his responses during and after the bo exercise?

Hmmmm… It’s great to speculate!