The Hat Issue

I ask myself:

Shall I get a hat? I’ve got two steamy caps (one of them a flyer’s cap) but they are only good for the colder part of the year. The question is, shall I get a steampunky hat for the summer? I’ve got an Australian (or very likely fake-Australian) bush hat but since I’m more the gentleman steampunk, wearing it with the rest of the ensemble would destroy looking the part. So the question remains:

Should I get myself a top hat, a bowler or a Bogart (which would be more on the Dieselpunk side), like the one shown in a previous post (the one about smoking). I guess the bowler is somewhat out of the question, since it reeks too much of English clerk to me (as in: Ministry of Silly Walks) and always reminds me of Charlie Chaplin. It really comes down to either a top hat or a Bogart. Hmmm… Luckily, there is quite a good store for hats here in Munich, I guess I just check what suits me best.

And there is sitll the matter of money… These things don’t come cheap and certain items I do not buy used. I shall see how much the hats actually cost and then I will probably decide not to get a new hat after all…