Sherlock Holmes Evening

Right then…

A Steampunk should always grasp an opportunity to attend or participate in cultural events which fit the genre and so I did…  (I seldom get the opportunity anyway these days, I guess the people 120 years ago had it easier)

Sherlock Holmes seems to be all the rage these, there’s a new movie out, there’s a new trend in fashion:

Sherlock Holmes retro Look

(Steampunk/Dieselpunk elements going mainstream?) and of course, there are some literary events going, bringing the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the masses. It was such an event that my wife, two friends and me amongst about fouty other guests attended yesterday, it was held in a mid-sized café Munich, the NIEDERLASSUNG:

Holmes 1

The reader, Deef Pirmasens:


Atmospherical music by Sascha Bibergeil:

Musik -  Biebergeil

The story read was The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle (German translation from 1905). I must admit, to my shame, this was the first time I had contact with Sherlock Holmes that did not involve a televison series…. Admission fee was € 6 and it was six Euros well spent.

It was a thorougly enjoyable experience, Deef has a very pleasant voice that is easy to listen to, he gave each character his own unique voice, adding to charcter and depth of the experience and Sascha’s guitar play was most enjoyable and fitting and contributed greately to the atmosphere. I also found the story most intriguing and have to applaud the genius of Sir Doyle for creating such a brilliant mind like Holmes’ in his own. This very enjoyable reading of The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle is going to be the bar against which the Sherlock Holmes movie will be me meassured. We will very likely go see it this weekend.