First Chapter of a Novel

I announced a while ago that I am working on my first novel, based on the diaries found elswhere on this site. Well, I am making progress here but upcomming events, i.e. moving house and, the Gods and Saint Babbage willing, fatherhood in August, might delay the completion. Thus far, I have completed seven chapters, which amounts to about one third of what I have planned.

Anyway, here is the first chapter of “To the Ends of the Earth” (the title may still change). I hope you like it. Be aware that this is Steampunk from a German perspective, most of the main characters are German officers, it is a little different from other Steampuk novels and novellas, I guess.

Thus far, I have not encountered a single piece of Steampunk literature, that was not set in an English-speaking country. I am willing to be corrected, of course.

OK, once again, I hope you enjoy what I have created, feedback, suggestions and critcism are all very welcome.