The old German problem

It’s really interesting how far the problem of “not acting German in public” actually permeates German society. There’s a discussion thread at the German steampunk community Clockworker, in which a fellow German steampunk asks, why so few German steampunks choose to impersonate Germans. A valid question and he has to point out that he is no nationalist, in case somebody misunderstood his intention to ask…

Had a Chilean, Chinese, Japanese or French asked this question, an excuse like the one in the thread would have seemed odd. I am actually fairly convinced that most foreigners would consider it odd if it came from a German (which it frequently does).

I have said this before and I am saying this again:

During the Victorian Age Germany was not the global villain! That started later and by now this is already 64 years ago! In a few years there will be noone left alive who participated in World War II. And looking at the track record of Britain and especially the USA ever since the end of the War and the US in the last 10 years in particular, it is about time to stop feeling bad about things people did most of us never met.

So, German Steampunks: Wear your Pickelhauben with pride! The Gründerzeit is something to be proud of! Think of Zeppelin, Diesel, Benz, Röntgen and Siemens! They could all be found during this time!

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