Today's featured article issue II

Well, well…
what can I say. Today’s featured article of the English Wikipedia is the Panzer I, and what a cute little tank it is, or was. Compared to its fellow tanks especially later in the war it almost seems like a toy. It also gets a lot less coverage in the media than its younger and more powerful cousins, the Panzer IV, the Panther and especially the Tiger.

Which is a shame, really. As far as tanks go, the Panzer I is pretty nice, cuddly and inoffensive, just look at its size:

Panzer I Command Variant

It is a really tiny tank, almost a tanquette, really.

It was initially only supposed to be a tank for training, being lightly armed (two machine guns) and armored. Its armor could actually be penetrated by anti-tank rifles which were still in use at the time.

Still, it was the blueprint on which later designs like the Panzer II were based and had many variants from Flak Tanks to self-propelled guns.

I know, you don’t really see it in Dieselpunk publications, either. Maybe in the background. What you get in Dieselpunk is something starting at and going beyond the Tiger. Something like the super-heavy Maus and the absolutely absurd land-cruiser Ratte.

The tanks Ratte, Maus and Tiger

I guess you get the idea. I wonder: Which bridge can carry a Ratte, would it not get stuck in the first muddy field it had to cross? I guess it would also have been a magnet for dive-bombers…

So, I rather go for a cutesy tank like the Panzer I