Steampunk Kiwis and a brilliant image

Well then, what can I say…

My fellow Steampunks on the other side of the globe are making their presence felt and have organised the First New Zealand’s Steampunk Fashion Show. It is organised by Fabiana Bronte, please visit her at Steampunk Empire and leave a note.

I wonder if we can ever get something like this going over here… After all, we managed to get Wacken and the Wave Gothik Treffen going… I already organised a little get-together here in Munich (although I will not be here for long anymore) so I guess we could get a Steampunk fashion show going.

Talking of not being in Munich anymore… Since I am moving to Augsburg, this blog will go on hiatus for a week or two in May because I miay well be offline for a while.

And on a completely different note:

Isn’t that a marvelous drawing of the famedcrocoduck, the bane of creationist pseudo-scientists everywhere?

The Fabled Crocoduck

The Fabled Crocoduck