May I introduce you to…

There is a hauntingly strange and beautiful site on the ætherweb called Parliament & Wake. I can wholeheartedly recommend it. But please be warned. It is not for the casual traveller of the ætherweb, as it contains haunting and engaging knowledge of strange people, places and artifacts. The bold traveller may find it behind the image:

Parliament & Wake

Parliament & Wake is a truely remarcable site. It creates its own little universe with great detail, confronting the visitor with strange places, tomes and people. Every book and artifact is presented with its history and description, giving the reader material to think about and maybe create their own stories relating to these artifacts.

The best way to describe it is what Neil Gaiman calls soft place in his Sandman series of graphic novels.

You can spend hours and hours on this site, enjoying and marvelling over its contents. There is also a whole community and affiliated personas connected to it, giving even more space for exploration. I shall not say more about the actuay content, lest I spoil the joy of exploration for new visitors. Now, by all means, please visit this strangely beautiful site, Parliament & Wake.