The Wolfman – Watch it!

Yesterday I went to watch this movie:

And I can recommend it to all classic horror and Steampunk enthusiasts out there. The atmosphere is excellent, a rotting Victorian family, plagued by a course, forbidde love, insanity… Psychotropic landscapes (i.e. thunder, lightning and rain when it is appropriate).

The movie is shot in greyish, slightly faded colours as if there was a never dissipating mist over everything. The atmosphere is built up between an empty but still claustrophobic mansion, a hostile wilderniss and the moloch of London. No matter where the main protagonists turn, time and place is against them.

The movie is also a stud of several remarcaby well-played characters:

  • The son who returns after his brother’s death, haunted by his past and old memories.
  • The father (you love to hate Anthony Hopkins in this movie), deranged, cursed, yet filled with a sort of love that is literally animalistic.
  • The father’s noble valet who knows the secret, yet does not dessert hus master.
  • The maiden, torn up by the death of her husband-to-be and attracted to his brother
  • The Scotland Yard Inspector (Hugo “Agent Elrond” Weaving), himself haunted by the last case he could not solve: The murders of Jack the Ripper.

It is this band of twisted, tragic personas that carry this film, together with the very good and never over-the-top special effects. They are helped in this task by the unavoidabe lynch-mob, the gypsies who are somehow in the know and the doctors and orderlies of a really terrifying London insane asylum (the chief doctor of the asylum is a particular nasty piece of work, I did not mourn his death).

What I also found very pleasing was that they stuck to the imagery of the classic Wolfman of Hammer Film fame. These werewolves actually look good in a tattered suit.

So by all means, go and enjoy this dark, Victorian and Steampunk piece of horror entertainment. It is not spaller, but it ha its scenes of violence but this is not what creates thehorror. It is the development of the curse, its spreading and the tragedy of the characters involved.