The "Spruce Goose"

I’ve been meaning to do an article on the Hughes H-4 Hercules for a while now; after all, this magnificent flying boat is one of the few real-life dieselpunk examples around.

H-4 Hercules

H-4 Hercules

I’m not going into the technical details of this marvel, you can find enough of that around the ætherweb. I just want to muse about the way it captures my imagination. This craft is so huge, it could quite easily serve as a mobile luxury home and command base for a pulp/dieselpunk hero or villain. In the same setting it can be used (as was originally intended) to quickly ferry troops en masse around the globe.

It could be used by an intrepid explorer to chart unknown areas of the world and bring exotic specimen of plants and animals home, as long as a sufficiently large body of water is nearby.

Or it could be used to go looking for Mu and R’lyeh out on the ocean… Ahhhhh… The possibilities…

It’s a real shame this beauty never saw actual service.