On this day in 1900

110 years ago, Knossos, one of the most important archaeological digging sites in Europe was purchased by Sir Arthur Evans for excavation.

Sir Arthur Evans

Sir Arthur Evans

Looking back now, it seems a strange idea to purchase an area of land in order to excavate the treasures of the past hidden therein…

But those were different times and as far as I know, Kreta was still part of the Ottoman Empire at the time. In any case, Sir Arthur went on to excavate one of the most spectacular Bronze Age sites in the world. Unfortunately, although he discovered what may have been the real-life structure behind the legend of the Labyrinth, an actual labyrinth was not found.

However, this is the point where Steampunk comes to our aid: In a Steampunk world, he would have discovered The Labyrinth, with treassures and horrors hidden within…

Hmmm… Do I see the plot of a Steampunk adventure on the horizon?