Steampunk Mythology

A few months back I posted an image of a Steampunk Thor on this blog. As it seems, I may well be able to assemble a complete pantheon of steampunked gods and heroes on this blog. As you may have guessed, I found another image taken from Earth’s mythology and given a steampunk make-over. In today’s case, it is Ikarus:

Steampunk Ikarus

The Fall of Ikarus

The artist behind this image is Nigel Quarless, you can find his blog behind the image. I think taking inspiration from our ow cultural backgrounds is one great way to explore Steampunk as  genre. It also sparks imagination…. Just guess where would be now if Ancient Greece had in deed already been at a 1880’s-1920’s level of technology…

Let’s see what other god, godling or hero I can find who has chosen goggles as part of their gear.