Steampunk Modernity

Kudos to Timo once again…

Seems like there are ways to integrate Steampunk elements into almost everything. The example I am taking a closer look at today is really neat and beautiful, if rather expensive contraption. If I had that sum to spare, I would not hesitate, though, because it would serf a double purpose: Mobile phone and pocket watch.

So here it is:

Steampunk Mobile Phone

Steampunk Mobile Phone

Quite a beauty and gitting for every steampunk gentleman’s and lady’s pocket. A mobile phone with an integrated mechanical watch.

However, with a price-tag of 200.000 € it is beyond reasonable range and that kind of money I really should invest it more wisely than spending it on this mobile phone.

Still, it is a really beautiful piece of technology with an element of Steampunk to it. I wonder how many comparable objects are out there… If you know of any, let me know.