Alphonse Mucha


Alphonse Mucha

I wanted to do a short article on Alphonse Maria for quite a while now. I guess no other Art Nouveau artist is as well known he is, and no other’s work is still so popular.

I have been aware of Mucha for quite a while, long before I became aware of Steampunk. actually, but like many other artists, he was just a name to me, vaguely connected to some paintings. It was much later, in 2003, again, before I came in touch with Steampunk, that I visited an exhibition in Munich and realised that I knew quite a lot of his work.

It suddenly became obvious to me that his work permeated many levels of his time’s society. From advert-designs to “proper” paintings, there were so many examples of his work, he was an exceptionally prolific artist.

As  said, his work ist still very popular and his influence can still be felt. As I found out, Mucha’s paintings are popular tatoos, as can be seen in the following example:

Here’s mucha’s original “Dancer”:

Alphons Mucha Dancer

The Dancer

And here’s the corresponding tattoo:

Mucha Tattoo

The Dancer Tattoo

And as a final example of his lasting influence, contemporary art influenced by Mucha:

Paul Harvey - The Stuckists Punk Victorian