Steampunk Gear for daily use

Let’st face it. Most of us have some kind of day-job or sometimes night-job which requires us to dress in a more regular way than normal.

If you are into Dieselpunk, that’s no problem, any decent suit passes as dieselpunk, unless it is one of those horrible modern ones in rather garish colours.

For people working in other sectors or in professions where a suit is not the thing to wear, there are other ways. Obviously, there are steampunk t-shirts like the Cthulhu-themed one I wrote about a few posts earlier. There ae also little accessories to steam- or diesel-up your everyday wardrobe in unconspicious ways.

If you wear shirts a lot, but not neccessarily a suit, you could go for steampunk cufflinks:

Steampunk Cufflinks by ~Ghaunth on deviantART

Also, there is the possibility of picking a fitting tie-pin:

Steam-Powered Tie Clip by ~deaddamien on deviantART

for the ladies, there’s brooches:

Steampunk Brooch -Time Flies- by *SteamPunkJennie on deviantART

And I guess, ladies can get a way with a little more extravagance than men. Also, there is more steampunk footwear available for ladies which can be worn in a everyday without attracting undue attention or suspicion.

What I find most intriguing, especially in today’s world is the possibility of carrying a steampunkded flash-drive:

Steampunk Flash Drive

Steampunk Flash Drive

Granted, all the flash drives I’ve seen so far were custom made and are not readily available, but the same is true for the aformentioned jewelry.
Oh, before I forget it, there’s one item that exists in styles fitting for ladies an gentlemen and which I usually carry, too, the pocket watch:

Steampunk Pocket Watch by ~dravensinferno on deviantART

Obviously, there are some examples which look more the part than others, but a pocket watch is the item of choice for the undercover Steampunk or Dieselpunk, which can be taken with you nearly everywhere and also fits into most job-settings.