Cross-continental Networking

This morning (CET anyway) I received an email from Steampunk Family, inviting me to check the site out. I promptly did so.

I consider it a particularly lucky and Air-Kraken-blessed incident being approached by Steampunk Family. Why? Well, around late August this blog may well go on hiatus because my wife and me are expecting a son, so there will be one more Steampunk family on this side of the Atlantic (and Pacific, come to think of it…).

I shall now delve a little more into this rather extensive blog and web-project Madame von Hedwig (what a marvelous example of a German sounding American name…) has built there and see what jewels I can find. Maybe there will be an initiation of an idea-exchange, who knows…

The Dressing Room section looks most intriguing, I have to say…

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