Things they said in 1830

Another very nice webfind. The gentleman here explains the origins of various memes/catch-phrases which originated in the 1830’s and have since fallen out of use:

Isn’t that nice. I think I will get myself a copy of this book, too. Once I have read through it, I can spice up the wording of my blog-posts a little bit.

On a completely different note:
Last week, the Bundeswehr lost three killed in Afghanistan. There is still a certain unwillingness in this country (in case you did not know, I carry a German passport) to aknowledge the soldiers’ sacrifice in the same way other nations do.
So, since there is very little the government does to uphold the memory of our dead soldiers, I want to remember them on ths blog:

The fallen German Paratroopers

The fallen German Paratroopers (KIA Good Friday 2010)

I am sorry the names are withheld by the official source. I guess it has something to do with the law and to protect the families from harassment by those who would use violence against everyone involved with the military.