OK, so today I learned a new word: Bionade-Biedermeier.

Let me explain: Bionade is a sort of organic lemonade available here in Germany (and possibly elswhere in Europe, too, although I do not know if it has made its way across the Atlantic Ocean, yet) and Biedermeier is a term which describes the historical period between the Congress of Vienna (1815) and the failed revolution of 1848. Thus, Biedermeier is pretty much pre-Steampunk. Now, what exactly is Bionade-Biedermeier then?

According to my friend Anja (a native of Berlin) the term describes the current tendency, and subculture which drives the tendency, of some old quarters of Berlin to be taken over by newly-rich who revel in the glory of the olden days of these quarters (like Prenzlauer Berg) and who play with this faded glory in their own way. This includes giving their children “good old names” like Friedrich, Wilhelm, Heinrich etc. you get the idea. Apparently, their drink of choice is Bionade, because it’s modern and ecologically correct.
There also seems to be a tendency to displace the people who originally lived in Prenzlauer Berg in the process. Thus, Prenzlauer Berg is slowly being transformed into something that is new and fashionable, although the new inhabitants revel in its  old glory as a sort of leftist refuge for artists and anarchists… It’s a bit like steampunk, but in a bad way. Where Steampunk is pretty open and inclusive, this Bionade-Biedermeier seems to have a tendency to be rather elitist and arrogant…

Oh dear, what strange flowers bloom in Berlin these days…

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