Featured Artist: Tom Slatter

This review of the newest release of Tom Slatter’s album “Spinning the Compass” is actually overdue. I wanted to do it last weekend, but life and work got in the way.

First of: Please check out Tom’s Presence on the Ætherweb.

How shall I start this review? Hmmm… I guess I start with a short conversation that occured while I was listening to “Lines overheard at a Seance”:

My wife: “What’s that you are listening to?

Me: “That’s Lines overheard at a Seance by Tom Slatter. Tom asked if I could do a review.”

My wife (smiles): “That’s really not bad at all.”

And all I can do is agree.  Mr. Slatter’s music evokes images of ill-lit workshops, dark libraries in mansions where spirits are contacted, cabaret in run-down theaters and the taste of absinthe.

In short: It is the perfect music for a Steampunk get-together to be playing in the background. I have only one point of contention: It’s not the type of music I dance to, but I guess that one does not count since it diminishes the quality of the pieces in no way.
But enough now, help yourself to an earfull of Spinning the Compass:

I hope you enjoy it as much as my wife and me do!

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