News from Riese the Series

I’ve shamefully neglected posting about Riese the Series for a while, but there is some great news (now rather olds, actually):

The series received a Streamy Award:

Best Cinematography in a Web Series: Riese (Christopher Charles Kempinski)

and there has been a Q & A Session with Sharon Taylor, a.k.a. Queen Amara.

I managed to get a numer of questions in, of which at least two were answered (maybe more but I only recall the following two to be mine):

Q: On a scale of 1 to ten with 1 being a common thief and 10 being the likes of Hitler and Stalin, how evil do you think Amara is?

Sharon: A common thief generally steals out of necessity or for survival, whereas Hitler and Stalin were power hungry murderers.  Because of Amara’s alliance with The Sect (who are in the process of “purifying” the people of Eleysia) and the fact that people had to die in order for her to become Empress, she definitely falls toward the end of the evil scale.  I give her a 9.  She can be ruthless and willing to commit murder to hold her power, but she does have moments of remorse – not so much for the horrible things she has done, but because her actions have left her all alone in a deadly game of chess.

Q: Do you see any potential love interests in the future for Amara?

Sharon: I hope so!  Amara isn’t afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants.  She’s a bit like Cleopatra that way, so it could be fun to have a Caesar or Mark Antony involved to solidify her grip on the throne.

Hmmm… I guess I should check on the official forum now.

Best Cinematography in a Web Series: Riese (Christopher Charles Kempinski