Featured Artist and Review: The Cog is Dead – Steam Powered Stories

Just last week, Captain John Sproket of The Cog is Dead contacted me via æthermail and inquiered whether I would be interested in reviewing their debut album, Steam Powered Stories:

Steam Powered Stories

Steam Powered Stories

Why me? Am I actually that prominent or did Tom Slatter refer them or what is going on…? Anyway… Looking back now, I guess I would have kicked myself no end had I said no. Obviously I said yes. Thus, I got my hands on a musical jewel. This debut album just blew my ears into the æther where they went onto a blissful journey.

The Cog is Dead display a versatility I have seldom seen, or rather, heard, before. On Steam Powered Stories, they cover an astonishing range of musical styles and prove masters of them all.

From 1950’s Western sound (The Copper War) to Ragtime (Loverboy) to Raggae (I want only You) to a genuine Steampunk Ballad (A Letter to Michelle) they present an album bursting with creativity.

What’s more: The lyrics are witty, thoughtful and always fit the musical style. This is Steampunk music to get down to, no matter what music you prefer, there is something on this album. Where Tom Slatter’s Spinning the Compass is music which builds the atmosphere for a Steampunk event, Steam Powered Stories is the music to get the party going. It’s music to drive the tinkerers to the highest heaven of invention and to make Æther Pirates fall in love.

Steam Powered Stories is a masterpiece, an instant classic.

Today, I use my new Unit of Meassurement for Greatness: The Zeppelin (It’s kind of obvious, if you know I am a Zeppelin enthusiast) and I give Steam Powered Stories the whole reinforced squadron:

10 out of 10 Zeppelins!

But enough of my praise, here are some snippets, so you can judge for yourselves:

Unfortunately, you will not find the “special song” (RMB) among these…

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