A Call to Arts

We Steampunks are a crafty folk. I guess most of us do something steampunky in our spare time. I do this blog, I am working on a novel (which sadly is going nowhere fast right now) others are great DIYers and artists of all sorts. Just see the DeviantArt stuff I have featured (and my very own cufflinks, of course).

Given this situation, it is only natural to see a Steampunk Art Collection is comming up: 1000 Steampunk Inspirations

In the words of Barbe Saint John, the curator:

The book is going to be a gallery tribute to the beauty and diversity of Steampunk culture, fashion, art and design.  I am looking for steampunk art work in all mediums – clothing, art, jewelry, home decor, props, design, timepieces, gadgets, etc…

The website with more info and the call for entries is: www.1000steampunkinspirations.com    Published contributors do not get paid, but will be credited on the pages where their image(s) appear, as well as in the artist directory. Contributors will also have the opportunity to purchase copies of the book at a 50% discount.

So, if you wish to show the world your masterpiece or simply would like to share the inspiration. Go to the book’s website and sign up to contrinute. Deadline for submissions is June 1st 2010.

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