Event Announcement

Still a little bit in the future, on October 13th, there is a very gentlemanly event coming up:

International Suit Up Day 2010

(Official Facebook Group)

So, all ye steampunks out there, this is a day for the gentleman to celebrate your gentlemanliness and dress up. Get out your best suits and display your best behaviour. I know, the event is actually a social media thing by Poise of Denmark, nevertheless, it should not hinder us Steampunks and Dieselpunks to use it for our own nefarious ends…

So, I am participating and I hope some of you will do so, too.

Oh, and there’s another thing:

I just had the pleasure to watch the official gameplay video of AQUA – Naval Warfare. It looks great! I hope I will be able to share some screenshots with you at a later point, maybe even the whole trailer…