On a completely different note

Today I am going to divert slightly from the usual Steampunk theme and let the scientific and skeptical facette of my persoality shine through. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet recently regarding this old swami from India who survives without food or drink.

Well, Mr. Randy, what do you have to say about that one?

Thank you for your explanation.

I know, James Randi’s acidic style is not everyone’s taste. I am a man of science, and as much as I would like things like this to exist (and ghosts, and Poltergeists and astral travel and the æther…) I know they don’t nd there are better explanations, rational, logical ones.
The universe is beautiful the way it is, we do not need to fill and embelish it with trickery, fraught and wishful thinking!

Oh well… I guess I should at least include another lovely Steampunk Lady in this post…

Steampunk Lady

Steampunk Lady

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