More international connections

It is always lovely to see how common interests connect people across the globe. After making contact with such diverse sites as Parliament & Wake, Steampunk Family and Upon a Midnight Dreary, I am now in touch with  group of Russian and Ukrainian Steampunks. Incidentally, they are the peole who are behind the site mentioned in this post.

If I am lucky, I will be able to get some insight into the scene of Russia and possibly other CIS-states as well. Let’s see how this one develops. I am quite excited about this development. Thus far, all my contacts have been from the anglophone parts of the world or Belgium and the Netherlands.

Getting some news from Russia definitely is a change. Well, we shall see… Oh the excitement!

PS: If there are any Steampunks in Astrakhan  (Астрахань/ Әстерхан) out there, I would especially like to hear from you. I’ve got some strange affection for this city. I’ve never been there… It all began with a computer game…