Daily Travels

Oh dear…

Since I moved to Augsburg, I have to commute twice every day using the Deutsche Bahn or simply “Bahn” as it likes to be called these days. You know, 100 years ago, you could theoretically set atom clocks to the arrival of what was then the Reichsbahn.

Today, hardly anything of this once punctual and cutting-edge technology undertaking remains. The Bahn has become an overblown, decrepit hulk. The trains are in a bad state of repair (yesterday, an IC, InterCity, broke down in Pasing Station and had to be pulled out by another engine), punctuality is a myth and the friendliness of the conductors is practically nonexistent. There have been numerous occasions in recent years where people, especially children, where kicked of the train, often in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of the night despite other passengers offering  to pay extra fare etc. Well, you might get lucky though and on a particular day it’s a Turkish or Greek conductor, they are friendly.

I’ve commuted seven times thus far. Only on two occasions did we arrive on time (in either direction) and on two ocasions we were delayed for more than half an hour. Given that the train journey takes 40 minutes under ideal conditions this is saying something.

Oh well… Let’s see what today’s journey brings. At least since yesterday I’ve got a mobile ætherweb connection so I have something to do in case we are delayed once again. But now, I have to go. Dinner at my favourite restaurant, the Kushiage Enn awaits.