More waves from the ætherweb

The ætherweb is such a great way for connecting people around the globe and every day it is becoming more apparent. The physicist Michio Kaku once refered to the ætherweb (of course he used the more common term internet) as a Civilization Type I communication system (for more on this one and if you do not know what he was on about, search for Kardashev Scale). I.e. a communication system that connects the whole world, does this instantly etc. OK, there are still holes in that one but we are getting there.

I digress…

Yesterday, a charming lady of possibly geeky disposition (just for clarification: on this blog, Geek and Nerd are used as compliments) pointed me towards Iron Grip: Marauders. The game is not out yet but you can already register. Having a gaming background myself (to a certain extend, I worked for Games Workshop and also for a German browser game company), I was intrigued.

So, I have signed up. The artwork looks most impressive. I will very likely feature some of it later, possibly tomorrow, on the blog, but I want to clear this with the people at ISOTX first. I will also try to share some inside info on this blog, should I get some. Let’s see.