Steampunk and Cthulhu – another Example


there’s this very nicely done Steampunk graphic novel around. “The Five Fists of Science”, although I was aware of it for quite a while, I only recently had the pleasure of reading it. Beautiful artwork, (un-)believable characters and a truely and fittingly weird plot. I found it a most charming touch Tesla being one of the good guys, while Edison was was on the side of evil. Maybe tells you something about the views of the author.

The Five Fists of Science - Cover

The Five Fists of Science

Another charming aspect are the cthulhuesque undertones, starting with the construction of Innsmouth Tower and continuing right through the whole of the novel, including a very obvious reference to Cthulhu and the Deep Ones.

As a Steampunk and a Cthulhu Cultist, I find this graphic novel most appealing. Although I will not review it (for some reason I find it pretty hard to do..) I can still grade it. Based on the Zeppelin system, I give it nine out of ten. I simply wish it would have been longer…