Scouting the City

Today was the second really nice warm and sunny day since we moved to Augsburg. It was about time. The cold and damp weather was really getting on my nerves, it’s almost June, after all.

So today we walked around town and were most amazed by the hydraulic architecture. There are quite a few channels of various sizes running through the city. Some are on aqueducts running on top of other channels, there are a number of intersecions and quite a few weirs.

What fascinated me most is a water tower bulit in the early 17th century and standing near Obletterwall. It houses one of the earliest examples of a piston pum with which a city was supplied with water was supplied to a city proper. Probably the Rennaissance equivalent of running water, I guess.

Guided tours are available, so one of these days, my wife and me will pay the machinery inside the tower a visit. I promise I will supply photographic evidence of our discoveries.