Announcing: Neil Gaiman Week

The week from June 7th – June 13th will be dedicated to Neil Gaiman and his work.
Several reasons:

  • Neil Gaiman is without a doubt one, if not the, most iconic graphic novelist.
  • Sandman, his most widely known work, transformed a whole genre.
  • Stardust, Sandman, the Books of Magic all contain Steampunk elements to a greater or lesser degree
  • Not to mention Neil on this blog would simply be a sin.

So, Monday 7th of June will be the first day of Neil Gaiman Week on this blog. Amongst other things, there will be a guest piece on The Graveyard Book by my friend Dahlia Jane of Upon a Midnight Dreary.

If any of my readers has suggestions what I should include during Neil Gaiman Week, please let me know. I have a schedule already, but it is not set in stone.