Abney Park delivered today

Ah, another great day in the life of a Steampunk. The H.M.S. Ophelia made a pass over my house today and delivered a lovely pair of Jodhpurs, which I am wearing right now.

The familial developments are advancing and I can now foresee a time when I will no longer be able to do daily updates (different update: My son weighs in at 1184 grams right now, it is the end of week 28 of the pregnancy now).

And coming back to yesterday’s post:

I guess I did not point that out clearly: I have a code that allows you to download the complete game AQUA, I would do it myself, but I d not have an XBox. So I am offering a free state-of-the-art Steampunk shooter for the XBox. This should be clear now.

If you want the code, answer yesterday’s question and send me the answer via æthermail.