Steampunk, Dieselpunk and nasty weather

The weather in Germany is a bit odd right now. So far, we only had a handful of really nice days this year. What’s worse: It is June 2nd now and it is cold, wet and windy. Actually, this is the kind of weather you would find in late September or October. Could someone please tell the Air Kraken it should go and scare the clouds away?

Anyway, it is in weather-situations like the current one that the superiority of Steampunk and Dieselpunk dress becomes apparent.

Let me elaborate:

If you take a look around on a busy street in Germany these days, you cannot help but notice that coats have fallen out of fashion. This is quite unfortunate in this weather lie we experience now. A colleague of mine cm in today with her trousers soaked because she had to walk ten minutes from the bus stop…

I have to walk 20 minutes to the station every morning, but:

I have a classic and very dieselpunk trenchcoat with a tweed cap to go with it. I arrived at work today all dry and warm underneath my coat. I know, it is not very fshionable and I actually got jeered at by some snotty teenagers once, but hey, I win in this weather!

So, one more reason why it is good to be a Steampunk (with diesel tendencies). You have all the gear for really bad weather situations!

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