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Over the last few days I discovered two particularly delightful blogs I now want to share and recommend:

  1. Cyborg Ivy
    A very delightful, high-quality online novel, chronicling the adventures of a group of bold adventurers in a strange and wonderful alternate late 19th century.
    When I first skimmed the site I was once again afraid Germany would be in the default villain position, which it thankfuly is not. I do not want to spoil your delight in discovery, so I will not say any more. Just visit the site and find out for yourselves, what wonders await there.
  2. Save the Croissants
    In short: An Indiana Jones style ongoing pulp adventure by a band of LEGO heroes, led by the daring Dr. Zachary Smith! What more is there to say? Absolutely delightful entertainment!

    Dr. Zachary Smith

    Dr. Zachary Smith

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