Utilikilt Weather


It’s 26°C (79°F) outside, first time this year I guess. At least in this part of Germany. In any case, it is the right weather to wear one of my two utilikilts. And this is what I did this morning when I went shopping and what I am still doing now that I write this entry.

Back in Munich I had previously gotten a few stupid comments from passers-by. I was curious how the reactions in Augsburg would be. I am a bit disappointed. I did not get any. But then, Punks, Goths and Metal-Heads are far more visible in Augsburg than they are in Munich. So, a long-haired guy all in black with shiny boots and a black utilikilt does not draw that much attention at all.

Good thing really, the city seems to be far more open towards conspicuous subcultures.

And: I got a smile from a goth girl on the way back from the station. 😉

Oh, and a final note: There is a rather loud Turkish wedding going on in the back-yard next door! 😀