The Difference Engine

Another Steampunk Holiday!

Today in 1822 Charles Babbage submitted a paper to the Royal Society in which he described his now famed difference engine. This most marvellous exampel of 19th century high-tech has since become a staple and icon of the Steampunk community. Just imagine what could have happened, if it would have been finished and put to use in his lifetime… Well, Gibson and Stirling have explored one possible effect…

Still, the Difference Engine tickles something in the mind of Steampunks and I am sure also many engineers and historians. Also quite interesting, the original idea was conceived even earlier, in 1786 (!) by a Hessian army-engineer by the name of J.H. Müller. Very interesting! So much could have happened, if he had found a sponsor for his idea… Perhaps Hesse would have come to dominate the German landscape instead of Astria and, much later, Prussia… Hmmm, adds a whole new meaning to the song “Erbarmen, die Hesse komme!” (terrible in-joke, I have to appologise, if you did not reside in West-Germany in the 1980’s, you are unlikely to get this one…).

Interestingly, this actually makes for a very good reality-tie-in in the Steampunk game I’m running and for the novel, that is currently suffering from lack of time.

Excellent, my own blog once again inspired me. The creative process fiering up during the process of creating, absolutely phantastic!

Ohm, here’s a working replica of the unfinished original:

The Difference Engine

The Difference Engine

Also, this article marks the end of my daily update run. I will do my best to at least post a few times a week, but, as I have mentioned before, I will be a father soon. There is still so much to be done… Besides, there will be updates concerning this event, too.

After all, this blog is also about my travels and parenthood is an epic journey in deed!