Who would have thought it…

Another facet of Steampunk is making moves to assert itself. Next to Dieselpunk, there now stands Teslapunk. Obviously, it is inspired by the technology invented by Nikola Tesla (Никола Тесла) and takes his ideas into the future.

Based on the idea of Teslapunk, a short-film named Bottled Lightning is currently in the making, check it out! If you are interested in leaving your own mark on the production, you can actually help fund it. Excellent idea, indiegogo. Start an independent project and then get people to fund it. I wonder if a similar idea/site is in existence on this site of the Atlantic…

Oh, and of course, there is also a trailer out, an in-universe commerial:

Lightning In the Bottle – Teaser B from Drew Hall on Vimeo.

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