When Victorian Occultism meets Evolution

Warning! Extreme weirdness ahead!

I was just thinking… In a Steampunk world, you have advanced sience mixed with Victorian elements. And I was just listening to Tom Slatter’s excellent “Lines overheard at a Séance”. So this thought popped into my mind, it is just a thought-experiment, really…

Let’s say you’ve got both evolution and ghosts/spirits. Would it be possible to summon the spirit of a dinosaur, early diapsid, such as the Dimetrodon, an early hominid, of the Afarensis-type, maybe or would it not? Do only intelligent creatures become ghosts or can humans only contact human spirits? But what if there are any accidents? And if there are spirits from earlier ages spooking around, are they more powerful? Do they evolve as spirits or is there a certain kind of spiritual decay over the aeons? Did your average poltergeist start out three million years ago as the spirit of a Dinotherium or worse?



I know, it is a realy weird and semi-derailed train of thought, but I guess it would make for an interesting adventure-hook and a cool result for the next botched arcane ritual role in a Steampunk RPG session, I guess.

Oh dear, I hope I have not just sparked the idea behind the unfortunate demise of some heroes…

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