The inherent Steampunkness of LEGO

Who would have thought it, there seems to be an inherent Steampunkness in LEGO. The more I dive through the waves of the ætherweb looking for things Steampunk, the more LEGO creeps up.

There are several posts on this blog dealing with various Steampunk and Dieselpunk LEGO incarnations, the latest being Save the Croissants. Now, there is another very fine example of a Steampunk vehicle being contruced from LEGO:

LEGO Steampunk Gunboat

LEGO Steampunk Gunboat (Prussian Gunboat, actually)

Oh, please also check out the ætherweb abode of the engineers behind the craft, it is: The Empire of Steam
There are a huge number of beautifully constructed Steampunk machines of all kinds (mostly military) displayed on the blog, complete with history, combat records (where applicable) and other details.
Also, the people behind the blog make the same mistake role-play designers, authors and others have made before: They come up with rediculous German sounding names that no German inventor/engineer/technician/monarch would put to their machine. This early Mecha-model “Eisenschritt” is a fine example. Yes, “Eisen” and “Schritt” are two German words and you can combine them, yes, but the result grates inside the brain. I think “Panzergeher”, “Panzerläufer” or something similar is what you are looking for here (trust me, I am talking about my mothe tongue here after all…).

Also, there seeems to be some confusion regarding Prussia and Germany on that blog. It is NOT the same.

Apart from that, Empire of Steam is another splendid example of the versatility of LEGO and Steampunk ingenuity. Just browse over there and have a look!

It does not end there, however. Of course it does not. There is a very specialised site which deals in very specialised LEGO equipment you will not get from your local toy-shop:


I will not go into great detail what they offer, check out the site and be surprised. And I mean SURPRISED.

To give you jus a small taste of the wonders that await, here is an image of a sadly sold out but very Dieselpunk LEGO custom figurine:

LEGO Custom Rocket Commando

The Rocket Commando

Of course, LEGO is not really inherently Steampunk. LEGO is just so very versatile, you can built almost everything from it. Especially since there are so many special ranges from Star Wars to airports to fire fighters to farms available. The combinationatory options are endless. And the Steampunkness and Dieselpunkness is just one factor now included in the marvelous thing that is LEGO.

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