A Dieselpunk Ride

Once again, I have to thank Timo for what he sived from the ætherweb.

So, let’s say you have a little money to spare and you really would like a Dieselpunk ride that will be your the envy of your friends and neighbours (no matter if they have ever heard the terms Dieselpunk or Steampunk)…

Given all of the above, I suggest you give the people at Delahaye USA a ring. To say I was impressed when I browsed the site is a massive understatement. What they do is more than just recreating automobiles from a bygone age. They are creating works of art. The cars they create could have been taken straight from a Dieselpunk novel, graphic novel or any publication featuring Art Deco  inspired technology.

To give you an impression of what Delahaye USA is creating in their workshop, take a look at this beautiful painting by Nicola Wood:

delahaye painting by nicola wood

And now, please go and feast your eyes on the other models, they are constructing, while I go and dry my tears, knowing full well I will not be able to afford one of these beauties in the forseeable future…