How in Dagon's name could I miss that?

A Cthulhu Steampunk crossover by Chaosium! And it has been out for quite some time now and I missed it up until five minutes ago!

How could this have happened? I guess it could only have been because Great Cthulhu dominates my dreams and interferes with my perception. Hang on, but this does not make snse since Queensguard actually serves the purposes of the Mythos. Well, since it is Cthulhu-related, it does not have to make sense!

So, the setting is in the world of (you guessed it) Queensguard and the adventure is set in the Kingdom of America. Sounds rather weird already. Chaosium provides a more detailed description on the product page and I guess I will donload it in a few minute and give it a read.

Queensguard Cover

I also wonder what unique ideas the people at Chaosium have come up with.I have so far encountered Steampunk involving elves and fairies (which I do not like, I am too heavily grounded in history for that), the usual Weird West and pseudo 19th century stuff, so I am looking forward to a glance into this book. Although the monograph has been out a while and there will be some reviews, i shall not read them, it could tarnish my own oppinion or pre-tilt it.